Hi, I am Andrea Arias.

I am an Aspiring Architect, check out my work resume. This is my blog, and where I explore and share my research, observations and musing within my field. I am currently pursuing a Masters of Architecture at the University of Colorado, Denver Campus while I also work full time at a local small firm. While working here I have been able to participate in client interactions, design phase, draft permit sets and construction sets, interior design, and construction administration. I have direct experience with Townhomes, Apartment, Multi-Family Developments, Duplexes, Single-Family Residence, Custom Residential, Adaptive Reuse, Office Conservativos, Coffee Shop Design and Hospitality Projects in Mountainous Areas.

Through this blog I wish to generate a digital catalog of both my academic and professional work and my observations of them with time stamp. If you wish to engage in conversation I highly encourage it! Do not hesitate in commenting or sending direct messages through the Contact Me Portal.

5 Reasons You Should Book a Staycation Immediately

I promise it is not a waste of money. I got a new job! My husband and I were extremely excited. But how to celebrate? I had wanted to go to Chicago, but who could doggy sit? Did we want to go through the trouble/exposure of flights for two or three days? No… Ok. So what […]

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