Hi, I am Andrea Arias.

I am an Aspiring Architect. I believe architecture’s influence in day to day life is often overlooked, and my mission is to be in the right meeting rooms to rectify that. There is a lot of subjects to be passionate about within this field – mine encompass sustainability, affordability, and innovation. Within this blog I am (trying) to keep all my pursuits organized for those who are curious about what I am up to.

I am currently on my last year of my Masters of Architecture at the University of Colorado, Denver Campus. While pursuing my degree I have concentrated my efforts in learning about business practices, equitable city planning, and historic preservations. While in school I am a full time employee at E.A. Bonelli, a nationally acclaimed firm that specializes in food & beverage industry. Through this position I have been exposed to master planning facilities in dairy, pharmaceutical, pet food and vertical farming industries.

Previously I had worked for almost three years in a local small firm called NEO Studio. During my time there I took part in client interactions, design phase, drafting permit sets and construction sets, interior design, and construction administration. I have direct experience with Townhomes, Apartment, Multi-Family Developments, Duplexes, Single-Family Residence, Custom Residential, Adaptive Reuse, Office Remodel, Coffee Shop Design and Hospitality Projects in Mountainous Areas.

My collective experience has resulted in 98% completion of AXP hours.

Through this blog I wish to generate a digital catalog of both my academic and professional work, my research and my observations as I continue to develop professionally within my field. If you wish to engage in conversation I highly encourage it! Do not hesitate in commenting or sending direct messages through the Contact Me Portal.

Stay Tuned