My goal is to help design the sustainable cities of tomorrow, build in outer space & help people be successful.

I am an Aspiring Architect. Through this blog, I wish to catalog my academic and professional work, my research, and my observations through my journey as an aspiring architect. I encourage my readers to comment on my posts and learn more about me, and feel free to reach out.


There is More To Air Than Just Breathing It

It is also a planetary defense system! Air is a mixture of gases. The mixture is unique and contains group of gases that is nearly constant within our atmosphere. To simplify, But Air isn’t just gas. Air also has tiny particles called aerosols. Aerosols come in many shapes and sizes, for example dust and pollen.…

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For centuries, we’ve pushed the natural world out. Time to stop.

Andrea Arias – Originally published: Oct 11 · 7 min read Let’s Talk About Biophilic Design! This article is written as a prelude to an extensive list about the future of architecture. As I was crafting the list, I realized every item needed an exclusive in depth look. So let’s talk about Biophilia. Midway through my Master’s Degree, I…

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