Hi! Thank you for taking further interest. A bit more about me…

I am currently in my last year of my Masters of Architecture at the University of Colorado, Denver Campus. The focus of my degree has been learning about business practices, equitable city planning, and historic preservation. While doing my Master’s Degree I am a full-time employee at E.A. Bonelli, a nationally acclaimed firm specializing in the food & beverage industry. While in this position, I have been part of teams that engage in master planning & construction documentation for facilities in the dairy, pharmaceutical, pet food, and vertical farming industries.

Previously, I had worked for almost three years at a local, small firm called NEO Studio. During my time at NEO, I participated in client interactions, design phase, drafting permit sets and construction sets, interior design, and construction administration. I have direct experience with Townhomes, Apartments, Multi-Family Developments, Duplexes, Single-Family Residence, Custom Residential, Adaptive Reuse, Office Remodel, Coffee Shop Design, and Hospitality Projects located in Mountainous Areas.

My collective experience has resulted in 100% completion of AXP hours.

Resume // Portfolio 2020 // SCAD Portfolio 2018

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