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About Me

Hi! Thank you for taking further interest. A bit more about me…

My name is Andrea Arias, and I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. I have a Master’s Degree in Architecture, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architecture, with minors in Electronic Design and Architectural History.

I am a motivated architectural designer seeking to merge principles of lifestyle and service design into space planning and use it to push the limits of form design. Passionate about incorporating additive manufacturing technology in construction and promoting environmentally responsible solutions through innovative building methods.

Currently, I am working in industrial architecture and engineering. Specifically, I work within the food & beverage sector with some occasional exposure to pharmaceutical, cannabis, and vertical farming.

In the past, I worked in the Residential, Hospitality, and Multi-Family sectors. Working specifically with mountain hotels, single-family custom residential, and large residential developments.

Through these experiences, I continue to learn many lessons that contribute to my evolving architectural mindset. Some of those include lessons include understanding, designing, and managing process-driven design, thinking of architecture as an environment, rather than merely a functional space, and managing complex, information-rich projects within sensitive timelines and nuanced construction complexity.

To continue funding our ongoing research, alongside my partner and husband, we actively accept design commission work in small residential and retail project design through our boutique, personalized, and innovative, two-person firm, Phantom Studio. Through this pursuit, we aim to continuously test, refine and innovate sustainability practices.

States worked in: Arizona, Colorado, Puerto Rico, California, Texas, South Dakota, Washington

My collective experience has resulted in 100% completion of AXP hours.

How did you hear about me?

UCD Portfolio 2020 // SCAD Portfolio 2018

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